Supermoon 2016

From what I understand the super moon only happens every [insert some crazy amount of years here].  But to me it seems like it happens a lot.  Maybe it's just a tiny fraction closer.  Last year they said it's the brightest super moon in 800 years (ok I made the number up), then this year it's the brightest in 70 years.  

Super moon by Alan Fullmer

Regardless of that confusion, it happened today and everyone asked if I was going to photograph it.  Of course I confirmed that I would.  I have so many moon pictures I could kill a yak with them all.  So something has to break up the monotony of just a moon picture.  Luckily I live close to the mountains and so I was able to get a great foreground to add context to the moon.  So what's missing?  A wolf? :)